Ocean Assist (OCEAN) is an experimental environmental impact organization on the XRP Ledger that is developing a purpose-driven globalized platform to actively save our oceans using blockchain principles.

Environmental Impact

Ocean Assist focuses on actionable conservation goals to preserve the world’s oceans, which we believe is possibly the most important environmental priority for the survival of humanity and all life on Earth. 

Social Organization

Ocean Assist depends on contributing members to curate quality information as well as participate in events and voting within the ecosystem (currently under development).

Blockchain Governance

Ocean Assist is developing a new micro-economic model to direct globalized information and resources into effective localized action. The model includes a token, token curated registry, DAO, NFTs, and POAPs.

Why Save the Oceans?

Oceanic Carbon Cycle Impacts Climate Changes

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as greenhouse gases trap more energy from the sun, the oceans are absorbing more heat, resulting in an increase in sea surface temperatures and rising sea levels. 

Our oceans play a critical role in the carbon cycle of our planet, and increasing temperatures will lead to alterations in climate patterns around the world, which is already having a devastating impact on local economies and amplifying fatalities from natural disasters. Plastic pollution plays a key role in the rising ocean temperatures by trapping carbon dioxide.

Oceanic Biodiversity Declining

Scientists estimate that 91% of ocean species have yet to be classified, and that more than eighty percent of our oceans are unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored. We have much to learn about the extremely rich biodiversity of our oceans and how different creatures adapt to changing conditions.

Research suggests, however, that the number of species in the ocean is decreasing. The continued decline in the health of many ecosystems, coupled with rising extinction rates, are likely outpacing species’ ability to evolve to tolerate the conditions of our rapidly changing planet.

Oceanic biodiversity plays a key role in maintaining the balance of all life on earth.


Sustainability of Resources

Phytoplankton, tiny marine plants that live on the ocean’s surface, photosynthesize and produce an estimated 50-80% of Earth’s oxygen.

The Earth’s oceans contain more than 97% of the world’s water, covering approximately 71% of the planet surface.

Oceans play an important role in food security, accounting for 20% of global animal protein consumption and over 50% in many developing nations. This has led to unsustainable fishing practices that are destroying fragile ecosystems.  

Ocean Assist Model

Token Curated Registry (TCR)

A TCR is a list whose items are decided upon by a set of token holders who have staked deposits in a one-token-one-vote system. Users who propose that an item be included in, excluded from, or removed from a list must stake a deposit.

Most TCRs have three types of participants:

  • Consumers are those who utilize the lists for information discovery
  • Candidates are those who wish to be included on the list
  • Token holders are those who participate in list curation through challenges and voting

One advantage of this system is that it is self-sustaining and would continue to function normally in the indefinite absence of its creators. It may also be considered a public utility if it is permissionless, rent-free, and does something useful.


OCEAN is the native token of the Ocean Assist TCR currently under development. Holding OCEAN represents ownership in the curation rights of the list being generated. Token holders can vote on many things: what is included in the registry, who can be added and removed and when, who wins in the case of disputes, what the system parameters are, and more.

OCEAN token is issued on the XRP Ledger, a blockchain network that is sustainable and secure. XRP Ledger is decentralized, global, and only takes seconds to interact within the network. There are no “gas fees” or “mining” to complete a transaction, meaning OCEAN token is extremely sustainable and does not waste energy to participate in the ecosystem.

The XRPL has a built in Decentralized Exchange, allowing OCEAN token to be exchanged peer-to-peer anywhere in the world without any intermediary, allowing liquidity to flow from the Ocean Assist ecosystem to actionable directives.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an entity with no central leadership. Decisions get made from the bottom-up, governed by a community organized around a specific set of rules enforced on a blockchain.

DAOs are internet-native organizations collectively owned and managed by their members. They have built-in treasuries that are only accessible with the approval of their members. Decisions are made via proposals the group votes on during a specified period. Ocean Assist DAO decisions will be made within the TCR environment under development.

A DAO works without hierarchical management and can have a large number of purposes. The lack of a hierarchy means any stakeholder can put forward an innovative idea that the entire group will consider and improve upon. Internal disputes are often easily solved through the voting system, in line with the pre-written rules in the smart contract.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)  are unique cryptographic tokens that cannot be replicated. They can be used for a variety of transactions, both financial and non-financial and often are associated with ownership or licensing rights to a particular item or digital file. For instance, NFTs are being used in the entertainment industry to designate creative ownership over art, music, and film. 

Ocean Assist plans to utilize NFTs in a variety of applications, such as to direct fund raising for specific proposed actions within the DAO and TCR. Additionally, Ocean Assist will use NFT art and photography to promote awareness about oceanic conservation and disaster relief efforts. The NFT component of this project will be community generated and help fund the decentralized treasury for environmental action.

We believe there will be an increase in exposure to the Ocean Assist project and mission by being early adopters of the XLS-20d NFT protocol on the XRPL, thus allowing the organization to quickly add liquidity to the ecosystem when it is fully developed and live on the main net.

Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP)

POAPs are digital mementos, often in the form of NFTs  minted in celebration of remarkable moments. Think of a POAP as that concert tee shirt or ticket stub that you never get rid of because it holds the sentimental value of that moment forever!

Each POAP is a gift from an issuer to collectors, in celebration of a special shared memory. By minting these memories to the blockchain, members build a rich history of tokenized experiences which could be utilized further down the road in Proof of Authority protocols for certain roles.

Ocean Assist plans to use POAPs to commemorate the participation of community members in different conservation actions and events. For instance, attending a beach clean up day might have a specific POAP. Likewise, being a highly active voter within the Token Curated Registry might also earn you a POAP for your consistency in participation. POAPs serve as a social incentive and proof that you are making a difference! 


The XUMM app is a non custodial client (wallet) for the XRP Ledger, with superpowers. XUMM allows you to interact with the XRP Ledger and 3rd party tools while keeping your keys super safe. XUMM supports signing all XRP ledger transactions, like payments & escrows.

2. Configure your wallet

Be sure to write down your secret numerical codes and store them safely. DO NOT SHOW THESE TO ANYONE AND NO ONE FROM OCEAN ASSIST WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR SECRET CODES!

To activate your XUMM wallet you are required to deposit a minimum of 10 XRP. You will also need at least 2 XRP to open the trustline for OCEAN as well, so a total of 12 XRP minimum to set up, all of which is refundable if you choose to close out your balance and accounts at a later time. 

You can find instructions on sending XRP to your XUMM wallet here. If you do not hold XRP, you can purchase it on Uphold Exchange

Once your wallet is active, you must now add the trustline, which will allow you to receive OCEAN token, the native token to our ecosystem that is currently under development. OCEAN token will allow you to vote on decisions as well as propose ideas to the TCR. Click the image below and follow the steps:

4. Add the XRPL Tip Bot

In the Xumm wallet app, add the XRP Ledger Tip Bot App under the More Apps section and follow the steps to activate it with your Twitter account. Now you will be able to be tipped via Twitter in OCEAN token!

 Join the Ocean Assist community on Twitter and become involved in our bi-monthly Twitter Space Townhall meetings, where community members discuss the next steps in our organizational structure, discuss conservation efforts, and plan events. Discord coming soon!

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